In the beginning,
you sat in your chair
facing the piano,
you sang to my ear.

Notes wash in
as you play the keys.
slowly, the melody starts
along with the beating of my heart.

Lyrics come in
and you sing happily
I fell in love
with your sweet nothing.

and the highest one
as we reach the clouds
of infinite bliss.

Violin sound follows–
the lowest, chilling kind
how did we get to this?
I say as a tear sheds my eyes.

and not the happiest kind;
you finished what you started
and released the keys.

i wrote this for our English exam two months ago. we were assigned by our teacher to write an acrostic poem for the ones we love or something relevant to love. this poem was the best i could do at that time. i was not satisfied with it but i proceeded on passing it anyway. and surprisingly, i got a perfect score for it so i decided to post it here.


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