While the sun rises as he wakes

And burns in the middle of the day,

That’s when she leaves the bed she’ll make

To occupy the room where he’s just stayed.


Across the room, she hears the sound

Of a heart once dead; now, beats so loud–

It echoes and resonates around,

Shakes the walls as she tries to calm it down.


And it dismantled the whole building–

For the first time, she didn’t try to fix it

She stood strong alone in the ruins

And summoned the hope they’ve shamelessly killed.


“What will become of us?”, they asked.

-You’ll be buried deep beneath my past.

“We wish you nothing but sadness.”

-I’ll wish you nothing but forgiveness.


She then built a kingdom of her own,

A fortified place for her resting bones.

One night, as she tried to call it her home,

She bolted awake, said “I can’t live alone.”


So she decided to search far and wide,

Hoping someone would make her feel alive.

Of all the rules that her people abide,

She broke one off and swallowed her pride.


In the city where she used to pray,

She found a boy who is unafraid.

That’s when she left the kingdom she’d made

To occupy the heart where she will stay.


“What have become of us?”, they’d ask.

-You were long ago buried deep beneath my past.

“We still wish you nothing but sadness.”

-I’m done asking for your forgiveness.


*dedicated to patricia

for keeping me sane all the time

this post is absolutely meaningless

via Daily Prompt: Meaningless

i honestly don’t have any plans on writing a blog post today or whatever but i saw the daily prompt and I suddenly thought, aye! that’s what i’m literally feeling right now

i don’t know what’s happening to me today that i am actually feeling like i’m catching feelings off guard which obviously sucks btw



ironic because this word has a meaning

unfortunately though, i dont


i dont want to begin this prompt or blog post talking about him again, man


i have to


everybody knows the feeling of being broken, lost and hollow inside.

it feels like you’re yearning for something that you don’t even know.

it doesn’t hurt,

and nothing even needs to heal

but somehow, you just really want to recover.


lately, i’ve been sleeping a lot and eating all day.

nothing seems to motivate me anymore.

and you’re literally nowhere to be found

while i’m out here

living what they call life on my own.


goddamn i just miss u so much

and i know your feelings will never reciprocate

but somehow i’m hoping that they’ll do.